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Are you tired of dealing with the traditional banks or old prepaid card products? The static cards without mobile apps or controls or smart functionalities?
If the answer is Yes , then you have reached the right address. 
Contact us now at Cross Atlantic Cards . We offer various smart card ,mobile and digital solutions that suit your needs and your customer needs . Our team is ready to work with you to provide you with industry leading payment solutions.

What we do

  • We help you issue and distribute MasterCard/Visa prepaid cards of all types (Plastic Reloadable, Virtual, and Gift Cards) that are globally accepted. They can be used by customers on travel, for online shopping, and general card payments.
  • We offer Card BIN sponsorship in different currencies EURO, USD, etc.….
  • We customize payment products that suites your business and fulfil your global demands:
    • Loyalty solutions.
    • SME /Payroll Cards
    • Acquiring Solutions : E-com & POS acquiring

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