What’s my card’s PIN

You can view your PIN code by logging into your cardholder panel. Once there, click on “Show PIN” next to your SafePay card.

Can I change my PIN

No, your PIN cannot be changed; but you can view it at any time by logging into your cardholder panel.

Dose my SafePay card have an expiration date

Yes, the validity of the card is limited to 36 months from date of issuance.

What amount can be loaded onto my SafePay card ?

Your SafePay card must be purchased with an initial load of between $100 and $500. Once purchased, you can add more funds to your SafePay Card by purchasing vouchers. The balance on your card at any given time cannot exceed $5000.

Where can I find my 9-digit token number

Your 9-digit token number is printed at the bottom of the face of your card. You will only be asked to provide this 9-digit token number when contacting customer support.

Can I use my SafePay card to make non-USD purchases?

Yes. If at checkout you are paying in a currency other than USD, there will be an additional 2.5% rate conversion fee. Make sure that the balance in your card covers the amount converted to USD plus 2.5% for currency exchange. Otherwise, your transaction will be declined and your card will be charged a $0.50 declined transaction fee. For example, if you are checking out for 1,500 UAE Dirham and the MasterCard conversion rate is 3.675 your card should have a balance of $419 for the transaction to be authorized.

What should I do if my card is stolen or lost ?

Immediately login to your cardholder panel at www.safepaycards.com or via the SafePay app and freeze your card. You can then contact support@crossatlanticcards.com to report the card lost or stolen and request a replacement. Once your card is reported lost or stolen it can no longer be used, even if it is found.

How many SafePay Cards and Recharge vouchers can I purchase ?

You can purchase upto five SafePay cards after your application is approval and upto 5 Recharge vouchers at a time. Note that your Recharge vouchers will be loaded to your SafePay card automatically at which point you may purchase additional Recharge vouchers.